About us

The Angler Ltd. was founded in 1992. The family runned company is working in Hungary, in Tiszaújváros, and the factory is also situated in this town.
Our company is EFTTA member since 2000.

The main activity of the company is spooling and packing fishing lines and also wholesale of lines in neighbouring countries via distributors. Nowadays we export our lines to 10 countries.

We produce our lines not only under own brand name but also on the require of our customers in different kinds of colour and quality under requested brand name. In this case we also make design free of charge.
We have several licensed products and manufacturing proceeding which is considered to be unique worldwide. This is instance the environment friendly "pure paper" spool or the "Pro Long" vacuum packed fishing line.

We purchase our raw materials from the best manufacturer companies according to the market needs.

Imre Holló (sen) and László Holló ( jr.)